Are you looking after your mental health?

Running your own business can leave you with little spare time, but taking care of your mental health is an investment in you and your business.

As exciting as it is to be your own boss, it can come with long hours, unpredictable cashflow, industry and legislation changes, responsibility for your employees and more. This can leave you mentally exhausted, stressed, anxious or depressed.

We thought it important to share 5 tips on looking after your mental health:

1. Make regular exercise, sleep and eating health a priority.

2. Practice regular relaxation techniques like breathing exercises or meditation.

3. Decide which tasks you can outsource. Don't try and do everything yourself.

4. Put systems and processes in place in the business that will allow you to take regular short breaks and holidays.

5. Set a time every day to turn your phone and emails off.

Having good mental health will allow you to think clearly, realise your own potential, cope with normal stresses in life better and grow and prosper in your business.

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