Save time and book your appointment online! Simply choose which option you are looking for:


If you are an EXISTING Business client, you can book to see Brad or Zoe. You have the option of a quick phone meeting, a 30 minute meeting or an hour meeting - depending on what you need.

As Brad has minimal appointment times available, you will get more options if you choose to either 'book with Zoe' or 'book with either' 

If you are a potential NEW Business client and would like to see how we can work with you, you can book in an initial 30 minute complimentary meeting with Bronwyn. This can be either over the phone, at the Vivid office, or we will shout you for a coffee. 


Are you an individual or couple looking for your Tax Return/s to be completed? Well we are here to make this process as simple, seamless, time-efficient and painless as possible!

To do this we have introduced a new process where you can upload or email your information to us, and we will review and assess this within 3 business days. We will then contact you to arrange a phone chat or face-to-face meeting if required to discuss your return before it's lodged with the ATO. 

We will ensure nothing is missed and you are getting the best outcome possible!

Of course if you do need to come in, or just really, really want to, you can still book an appointment to come in. As Brad does have limited appointments avaialble, you can also see Zoe. If you choose 'book with Zoe' or 'book with either', you will get more appointment options.

Of course, if you would rather just call the office, we are more than happy to arrange a time that will suit.

02 6056 1929