Does what is happening in Greece affect your portfolio?


Just in case you’ve been under a rock lately, there was a referendum vote in Greece, and they voted ‘no’.

We have seen a tonne of emails and information come across our desks in relation to the Greece decision. And we have no doubt you have heard a lot about it in the media.

What we have been waiting to see or hear, is something that we could pass onto you; something that would be relevant, or how it may affect you..

After wasting a lot of hours that we will never get back, it dawned on us that the majority of you don’t care, and we should stop trying to find information for you that you don’t even want!

Because guess what; what happens in Greece does not affect your financial goals or long-term plans.

We know the markets are likely to move around, and yes, there may even be some form of ‘market correction’ (which would cause investment values to fluctuate).

However, stressing over the things that we can’t control won’t get us anywhere.

The important thing is to have a diversified portfolio that suits the goals and plans that you are wanting to achieve.

Carl Richards from The Behaviour Gap explains it well with his drawing:



If you are however interested in our Research Team’s perspective of what has been happening in Greece; you can read Count’s Market Research Report here.

Of course, if you do have concerns, and would like to chat to us, please let us know!

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