Life Lessons from The Block

The kids have been watching a little bit of The Block this season, and were both especially interested in the kids room reveal this week.

Now, forgive me, I do multi-task…. I know it’s not ‘ideal’, and means I’m not doing any of the said tasks to 100%.. I am well aware that’s not actually possible. HOWEVER, I do like to work at home of an evening, on the couch with my laptop. Sometimes even half watching (usually reality) TV.

Tonight was one of those nights, and The Block was still on, even though the kids had gone to bed. It quickly got my attention when I heard that what’s-his-name-host had brought in his assistant, who is his auditor, for an ‘intervention’ with one of the contestant’s.

So dear Sarah, apparently more commonly known as “Jason and Sarah” has apparently come this far in the season keeping track of her spending “in her head”. As it turns out, the amount of spending she has been tracking in her head, is a LOT less than the ACTUAL spending. So, in comes the auditor for the harsh reality check.

Jason and Sarah are only a few weeks in and already spent more than half of their budget for the whole season…. Whoops. They don’t have enough to finish the rooms at this rate, and may have to go to Auction with a ‘renovator’s dream’. Not ideal for them at all (perhaps opposite though for the investor who intends to snap that up!).

So at this point so many alarm bells are ringing in my head, I don’t even know where to start.

Have you never seen this show before? So, as far as I’m aware, this show has been around for a while. How do you not know that you should set up a proper budget, track your expenses and be concerned that if you don’t stay on track (ie. overspend!) then you will run out of money?!

I guess however, that this is a really simple concept to those who get it. But realistically, there are lot of us out there who have no idea what we actually spend money on. And by this, I am clearly not just referring to when renovating a set of apartments on a reality TV show, but in everyday life!

We may even have set up some form of budget. Jason and Sarah could have too (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt). But a budget is no help to anybody if you don’t track what you are spending against this budget!

To me, this tiny little part of one episode of The Block illustrated that even though something can be SOOO important, we still don’t do it. Why is that? Is it too hard? Too intimidating? What? Because, why would you choose NOT to track what you are spending when it gives you little to no control over your money?

Whether you have a little or a lot, if you aren’t taking control of your money, it’s taking control of you!

Maybe it’s time to stop living with your head in the sand, be responsible and take control.

And good luck Jason and Sarah for the remainder of the season. I hope the money gods come your way (or at least some room wins to top up the budget).

~ Bronwyn​ Tyrell

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