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Bradley Tyrell

Phone: 02 6056 1929
Skype: bradtyrell.bts
LinkedIn: Brad Tyrell

Meet Bradley Tyrell...

I have been working as an Accountant since 1999 in the Albury/Wodonga area. 

My wife and I are principals at Vivid Accountants & Advisers.

We have a fresh approach to the industry, and aim at breaking the mould of a 'typical' accounting and Financial Planning firm.

My role allows me to remove the administration burden of businesses and allow them to spend more time on what it is they do best (this is generally NOT paper work!).

I am able to assist clients with various Accounting software programs, however I have a passion for (and use and recommend) Xero to clients due to it's simplicity and adaptability.

Growing up in Corryong, and continuing on to work in the Albury/Wodonga region, I have an understanding and empathy for local business and the day to day requirements of running a small business.

I started my accounting career with WA Gould & Associates here in Wodonga, and then moved to WHK in Albury to further my career in Self Managed Super Funds. From this I gained extensive training and knowledge in all areas of accounting.

I joined my wife, Bronwyn at BTS in November 2012 and as of November 2014 we have taken the business in a new direction as Vivid Accountants & Advisers.

I enjoy all sports, especially football, golf and tennis. I spend some time on the Thurgoona Golf Course, but I am still trying to meet the expectation of my handicap.

Thanks to my (crazy Melbourne Football Club addicted) wife, I am a member of the Dees, but am actually an Essendon supporter! (can't say I don't have a soft spot for a struggling team though!)

Brad's commitments outside Vivid:

  • Treasurer - Rand Walbundrie Walla Giants
  • Treasurer - North Albury Little League (Auskick)

3 Things​ About Me

#1Although I may not look like it, I still do play a bit of footy and hope to be able to for many years to come.

My aim in life is to be able to play with my little fella Ayden, so my body has to hold up another 10 years (which may be a struggle!)

#2 -​ I don't like to watch romantic comedies or other soppy movies. Gladiator is my favourite movie of all time and it makes me cry every time I watch it...

#3 - ​Batman and I are never in the same room together... Think about that!

Meet Bronwyn Tyrell...

After being in the accounting and finance industry for nearly 17 years, in August 2018, Bronwyn sold the Financial Planning business across to The Next Step Financial Group in Albury. 

She is supporting the transition of clients across to the new team over the next 12 months, and for anything financial planning related, can be contacted at

Bronwyn is remaining at Vivid taking care of the Practice Management, Marketing and HR. 

One of the main reasons for the change from financial planning was to follow her love of creating, and has started a new business helping other businesses brand and market to their ideal clients. More information on this over at Enliven Business Styling

Bronwyn's commitments outside Vivid:

3 Things​ About Me

#1It won't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me (or has been in my office), but I am a crazed, fanatical, dedicated Melbourne Football Club supporter. 

My love of the Dees stems back to when I was 4, and I have been outwardly dedicated to them over the years of ups and downs. Yes, there has been lots of downs lately, but our time will come. 

I am also honoured to have our children, Ella and Ayden, as supporters of the Dees as well (they chose to become members when they were born!)

#2 -​ I am terrified of spiders. No spider practical jokes are EVER funny! Full stop. People shouldn't even be allowed to print pictures of them or put them on TV. If doing so, there should a BIG warning beforehand.

I have actually fallen off a treadmill because a spider came up on the screen I was watching... Just dangerous!

(if only they looked as innocent as this lovely green smiley version!!)

#3 - ​I am extremely fussy about having clean pegs. Yes, clothes pegs. I can't leave them out on the clothesline, or leave the peg bucket outside as then I have to wash them all again before I use them.

I cannot understand why anyone wants to hang clean clothes out with dirty pegs!?

Bronwyn Tyrell

Ph: 02 6056 1929
Skype: bronwyntyrell.bts
Twitter: Bronwyn Tyrell
LinkedIn: Bronwyn Tyrell

Meet Naomi Graham...

Naomi joined the Vivid team in April 2015

Naomi provides accounting assistance to Brad as our senior accountant. ​

Naomi has many years for bookkeeping experience, and is on her way to becoming our 'XERO champion'.

In the very near future Naomi will be able to spend time with business owners and their staff working out ways to best utilise accounting software so business owners spend more time doing what they do best!​

3 Things​ About Me

#1 - I love to read Crime/Murder mystery fiction. Once I start a really good novel any housework not considered a priority gets put on hold until I finish it (usually a day or two at most).

My favourite crime show is Bones. I have all the series on DVD and when there is nothing on television worth viewing I pull out my Bones DVD’s and watch the episodes all over again.​

#2 - I am a born and bred Essendon supporter, a passion I have passed on to my three children. We love to watch a game but we tend to get quite vocal. I endeavour to take my kids to a live game in Melbourne each year.

Despite all the negativity and speculation over recent times, my support has never wavered and I have stayed true to my team. ‘Carn the Bombers!!​

​#3 - When I first left high school I studied Biochemistry at University in Melbourne. After a year I realised it was not what I wanted to do and I could not picture myself spending all my days behind a microscope.

It was after this when I began studying Office Administration and Financial Skills that I discovered that I enjoyed this type of work.

Naomi Graham

Phone: 02 6056 1929

Tiffany Richman

Phone: 02 6056 1929                          Email:

Meet Madiha Shafiq...

Madiha joined the Vivid team in August 2016. 

Madiha joins us as a recent Accounting Graduate and looking to gain practical skills and knowledge within the industry.

3 Things​ About Me

Phone: 02 6056 1929                          Email:

Meet Zoe Horner...

We welcomed Zoe back to the Vivid team in July 2018. 

Zoe assists with the accounting, tax returns and business client's. 

Zoe only works in the office on Wednesday's each week. 

3 Things​ About Me



#3 -

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