October is breast cancer awareness month

October is breast cancer awareness month in Australia, and Friday 23rd October is Pink Ribbon Day.

Breast cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, and can be a very expensive experience if unfortunate to be diagnosed.

This is the perfect opportunity to remind everyone (not just women) on the importance of insurance to ensure appropriate protection is in place.

There are a range of insurances available that could provide a lump sum payment and/or ongoing income replacement if you were diagnosed.

If you would like more information, or to ensure you are protected, contact us to discuss further.


Ten facts about breast cancer in Australia[1]:


  1. Breast cancer is the third most-commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia.


  1. The number of new cases has continued to increase in recent times, from 5,368 in 1982 to 14,568 in 2011.


  1. 14,568 new cases were diagnosed in 2011, most of them in women, although 103 men were also affected.


  1. The number of new cases is expected to increase in 2015 with 15,740 cases projected, including 145 in men.


  1. Breast cancer is expected to make up 12.4 per cent of all new cancers diagnosed in 2015.


  1. Death rates have consistently improved since 1968, reaching their lowest level in 2012.


  1. People diagnosed with breast cancer from 2007-11 had a 90 per cent chance of surviving for at least five years, relative to survival in the general population.


  1. Health system spending[2] on breast cancer was approximately $237 million during 2008-09.


  1. According to a recent study[3] commissioned by the Cancer Council, the lifetime economic cost of breast cancer was estimated at $653,600 per affected person in 2005.


  1. Breast cancer recently accounted for just over 50 per cent[4] of claims paid to customers of CommInsure’s Trauma Cover and Income Care-Crisis Benefit products.


For more information on Breast Cancer and Pink Ribbon Day, go to www.pinkribbon.com.au.

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