Discover How We Can Help You To Manage Your Personal Records

Would your loved ones know where all your accounts, loans, insurances were if you were to die?

The majority of the time, your partner, or family members are left in a massive mess trying to find where all you information is; all whilst they are grieving.

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We can assist to make this already terrible time, much less stressful. 

PLUS as an added advantage, if you are ever overseas, on a holiday, or just misplace copies of important documents, you can rest assured as you know we have a copy being safely held!

How Can We Help?

​We will gather all of your information into a Client Personal Record (CPR)

Many people have great difficulty keeping their information organised. Important pieces of information tend to scatter themselves around the house and office.

Even if you are one of the organised ones, generally it is only one member of a couple who knows the location and details of this important information.

This document allows you a single place to store all of your personal data in case something happens to you. It is a valuable guide for your partner or executor in the event of an accident or death.​

What Will We Provide?

​We will provide you with a hard copy of your CPR for your records.

​We will also securely store this information electronically, so with a password, you, or your chosen nominee(s) can access this information when needed.

​Some of the details may change over time so we suggest that you review and update this information each year.

​The awesome advantage is that as you will have online access to your CPR, if you ever need access to a copy of any of the documents, they will be readily available!

Want to take advantage of our Client Personal Records (CPR) service? Ask us for more information

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