Learn How We Can Help With Xero Cloud Accounting...

​Why Xero?

We love to be able to make the lives of small business owners easier!

The last thing you want to worry about at the end of a long day is doing data entry and bookkeeping. This is why we recommend Xero to our clients and why we became Xero Accountants.

Xero is the world’s number one cloud-based accounting program. You can see your cashflow in real time, on your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet or PC, anytime, anywhere! No more uploads, downloads or upgrades!

For a demonstration on how Xero can save you time, contact us by email admin@vividadvisers.com.au or phone 02 6056 1929.

We will gladly come and visit you at your business to show you how beneficial Xero can be.

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Here Are 11 Awesome Reasons Our Clients LOVE Xero...

1. Data files, gone.

Because Xero is online accounting software, you can kiss good-bye the hassle of sending disks or transferring large accounting data files. Life's too short to have to deal with that anymore.

2. Version control issues, gone

This also means you (and we) can kiss good-bye the related hassle of 'which is the up-to-date version of the data file again'?

Xero eliminates any 'version control' issues that can happen, for example, if you send your accounting data file into your accountant, and then edit it on your end. This old way of doing things is just fraught with chances for error.

3. Real-time speed

Being online and always knowing you (and we) are working with the most recent version of your accounting data, we can help you in real-time. You call up with a question, we log in with a few clicks, look at your Xero at the same time you are, and answer your questions on the spot. Easy! And fast.

4. Data entry drastically reduced

Data entry is so last century. Why, in this day and age, when all the transaction data (amounts, account name, supplier/customer info, etc.) is already available in your banking data, should you have to manually re-enter it into your accounting software?

Or even have to do a clumsy export of a CSV file and then upload it? Clunky! What a waste of your time and money! (Plus that manual data entry introduces plenty of chances for human error.)

Xero automatically brings 'live feeds' of your bank account and credit card transaction data straight in. No keyboards touched. No download chore. No upload chore. Go have a glass of wine or put your feet up instead.

5. Better decision making

Old-fashioned software that makes you mind your own business (code for 'manually do your own bookkeeping') also puts your business at a disadvantage because your accounting data is lagging behind reality.

The data entry issue (apart from the costly waste of it) causes a delay in your accounting data becoming up-to-date. A modern business needs information that is real-time, always up-to-date. How else can you make effective business decisions?

6. Mobility, flexibility, lifestyle

You'll love this one. You can access your accounting data and management dashboard in Xero from anywhere, from any device with an internet connection.

You can see your individual account balances, outstanding invoices, overall cash position, and more.

These days, you can run your business from an iPad or similar tablet device. Xero have a great iPhone and mobile app too. This means you can have a more flexible lifestyle in running your business, and have certainty over the financials and banking when you are not physically present in your business.

Go on, call that travel agent now.

7. Expense claims simplified

Speaking of which ... Xero lets you take photos of your receipts for easy inclusion in your (and your team members') expense claims. That is so efficient and avoids the accumulation of lots of receipts. Again, real-time is the key. And easy.

8. Data entry slashed, again

The 'Rules' function in Xero is very clever. You can easily train Xero to know that certain types of transactions should be coded (according to your Chart of Accounts) in certain ways. It's smart enough to be flexible.

Amounts can change, the wording in the transaction can change, but as long as there are certain keywords or other criteria (such as paid with a particular credit card) in a Rule, then Xero codes all such transactions automatically from then on.

Go on. Grab another wine. You have time now.

9. Free online support

Xero includes free online support and their training resources are world class. This means it's easy to find answers and get up to speed with Xero. We include training in our package when we get you started with Xero. This makes sure you get off on the right foot with your Xero implementation.

10. Better communication

We find that Xero encourages better communication and a closer relationship between accountant and client.

The ease of logging in together, looking at the same data together, and moving at speed just makes everything work so smoothly. We're more in tune with you, and you get quick answers and even better advice (thanks to the real-time data) from us.

and 11. The innovation keeps coming

Xero just keep innovating. With cloud-based applications like Xero, you never have to manually run software updates (or bother with data back-ups!). Xero just update the software and back-up your data for you.

That's two more hassles removed from your life.

Every 3 to 6 weeks Xero does a new software release with new and improved features. They are quite an inspirational company to watch in that regard ... but from your perspective, you know you are dealing with a company providing you with the very latest in time-saving and decision-making technology.