Count Quality Advice Award Winners 2016


We were honoured to be named a finalist in two awards at the annual Count Conference last week (March 2016).

These were the ‘Female Excellence in Advice’ and the ‘Outstanding Quality Advice’ awards.

At the Awards Dinner on Wednesday night, we were blown away to be announced the winner of the ‘Outstanding Quality Advice‘ Award.QAA 2016






It is awesome to receive recognition of the work we do in the business, however we don’t feel that we did anything overly fancy to win this award… We just do what we thought anyone in an advice business would do. That is putting the client’s values, goals and priorities first, then making sure that we are doing the best we can to help them to achieve those.

We also know the advice industry can be quite confusing and overwhelming due to both legislation complexities, and also often tarnishing media reports. Therefore we are very conscious of providing and explaining our advice in simple terms for clients to understand, whilst of course remaining complaint with legislation.

Thanks to our team for being awesome, our clients for allowing us to love what we do, and the Count network for recognising the work we do.

Cheers, Bronwyn.
QAA Count Conf 2016

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